Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Hate Noise

I think my biggest pet peeve about parenting in general is the noise. Sam and Kiki are constantly making noise, and it wears on my sanity! Because I'm a divorced mommy, I can't just leave the kids in the care of their father so I can get some quiet time either.

I suspect Sam has Asperger's Syndrome, and he's always obsessing about television shows ~ "saving" them in his head to act out later. We call this "playing inside his head".

Kiki is just a motormouth. She's always talking. I ask her to be quiet for a second so I can concentrate, and she'll say, "Okay mommy, but why is the sky blue?" I shush her again, and she says, "Okay mommy, but Sam is playing with my toy!" It's not that she needs my attention, because she gets a lot of positive attention from me. It's just that she does not know how to stop talking.

The fighting gets to me as well. Sam and Kiki are always always fighting! If they aren't fighting, they are whining or crying or tattling. Right now I have some peace and quiet because they were fighting, so I separated them and sent them both to their rooms to settle down. Five minutes of peace and counting...

In order to keep my sanity with all the noise, I've had to look at things with a bit of humor. This idea came to me once when a grocery store clerk suggested something similar.

Duct Tape as a Parenting Tool: Four Parental Uses for Duct Tape
Duct tape fixes everything, right? So can duct tape fix an unruly child? The answer is yes!
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